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Jay Biggs is innocent,

fighting for justice

Jay Biggs is innocent. 

 He was not home alone the day of his daughter's death, his wife Diana Collins Biggs was home with him the entire day and night, she testified that he put the children to bed and came right back downstairs less than 5 minutes later. 

He was facing the death penalty: they offered him a deal of 15 years. His father and I were allowed to go into the judge's chambers and talk with him about the deal, he said " I did not do this". He did not take the deal he had a jury trial. Jay got life without the possibility of parole.

They arrested Jay two years after his daughter died, they had many stories in their small town newspaper during these two years, and the newspaper even did an online poll to see if people thought that Jay or his wife should be arrested. Then the TV news stations picked up the story at Jay’s time of arrest (we had reporters knocking at our door)

 Before Jay even went to trial people already decided, he was guilty. The comment section of the newspapers was full of hateful and vile things that should happen to Jay before he even had his trial. People hear and read about a crime against a baby and they do not even listen to the facts of the case.

 So now, we are fighting to get Jay out of prison, he is currently working on a couple of legal avenues. We believe that the truth will be seen that Jay is an innocent man in prison. 

Please keep us in your prayers and thanks for the support. The Biggs Family

Biggs, 24, of Clinton, told Brown he is innocent and will appeal. He asked Brown to consider granting him the possibility of parole.

"You did give me a fair trial, but fair isn't always just," Biggs said. "You cited it yourself when you told the jury that you don't have to believe everyone's testimony. ... I don't know what I could have done. I told the truth. I was offered a deal, but I didn't take it because I thought the truth would set me free."

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